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WEB SERVER FEATURES                 

  • Cold Fusion 4.5
  • SQL Server 7.0
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Redhat Linux 7.0
  • Multiple Compaq Quad Processor Servers
  • Servers Stored in a 24-7 Manned Data Center

    Below is a list of the features you have full control of to update as often as you like 24-7-365 using only your favorite web browser.


    If you need a complete explanation or demonstration on any of the features listed please call Tech Support to assist you.


  • Company Information (Address, Phone Numbers, E-mail Address etc)
  • Updating Your Password
  • E-mail Forwards Setup
  • Domain Registration Setup
  • Dynamic Feedback Forms, Join E-mail Lists, E-mail Reminder
  • Customer Login (to check status of order or order history)
  • Secure "Members Only" or "B2B" Password Protected Area*
    *You Administer the Login Accounts. Products and/or Subpages are hidden until your customer has successfully logged into your site. Customer Login is NOT the same as Members Only.


  • Macromedia Flash headers and dynamic Intro management.
  • Secure Password Protected Login
  • Adding, Renaming and Deleting of Pages
  • Choose the Order of Your Pages
  • Editing Page Content (Text & Pictures)
  • Alignment of Pictures to the Text (Left, Right or Centered)
  • Create Links without HTML Knowledge
  • Upload Your Pictures with only Your Web Browser (no FTP)
  • Turn On or Off Your Site Map
  • Turn On or Off Product Search
  • Turn On or Off Auto or Real Estate Listings Search
  • Select or Change Your Pages to a Specific Page Types (Links, Join e-mail and more)
  • Change the Overall Color Scheme
  • Change Background Colors, Link Colors and more
  • Upload Your Own Music/Sound Clips (WAV or MIDI)
  • Manage Your Meta Tags (Title, Keywords, Description)
  • Change Your Site's Resolution (640x480, 800x600 etc)


  • Auto Search Engine Registration
  • Direct Links to Top ADD URL sites
  • Meta Tag Manager (Title, Keywords, Description, Author etc)
  • E-mail List Manager (Add/Delete E-mail Addresses and E-mail Groups etc)
  • Compose & Save Newsletters
  • Send Newsletters to All or Specific Groups


  • Secure Checkout
  • Returning Customer Login
  • Add, Edit, Delete Products
  • Specify Page for Product to be Displayed
  • Dynamic Resizing of Product Images
  • Edit Products to be Displayed by Row and Page
  • Edit "Thank You" Message for E-mailed Receipt
  • Setup Shipping by Flat Rate, Total Amount, Weight, Quantity or By Product
  • Setup Multiple State's Tax Rates
  • Setup Saving's Rate (not required)
  • Select Credit Cards You Accept
  • Select & Configure Real-Time Processor (AuthorizeNet, Cybercash etc)
  • Select Required Fields
  • Add B2B/Member Only Products (Accessible Only by Logging In*) You Administer the Login Accounts Built-in Affiliate Program (Manage Accounts, Upload Banners etc)


  • View Hits per Month, Week, Day or Hour
  • 1st Hit records the Date, Time, Operating System, IP Address and Referrer
  • Logs include the above plus Time Spent on Site and Pages Viewed
  • View Orders by New, Pending, Archived etc
  • Change Status of Order
  • Enter and Send Out UPS Tracking #
  • View # of Sales for the Month or Day
  • Read, Respond and Archive Submitted Forms
  • View and Edit Customer Database


  • Language Site Themes (English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian)
  • Manager Console in Various Languages (English, Spanish, Japanese etc)
  • LOG-OFF Button
  • Online Help, Live Chat, Email Support, Phone Support
  • Link to Preview Site
  • Dynamically Pass the ID from Page to Page (more info required)

    **Not all of our site features have been listed. We are always adding new features on a regular basis to improve the performance and ease-of-use of your site.