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Why Does My Business Need A Website ?

·         Very simply, it will give you an added storefront that is open 24 / 7


·         It adds more credibility to your Business…


·         Removes Geographic Limitations…


·         Provides ability to sell your products online with Ecommerce...


·         Opens New Markets by using Search Engines via The World Wide Web…


·         Provides answers to FAQs…


·         Allows an easy way for your customers to give you feedback…


·         Optimizes your current Advertising Dollars and Strategies by adding a “ .com “  name , while at the same time, provides the most cost effective form of Advertising for the money...


·         Levels the playing field with your Competition… Smaller Companies can create the Same Web Presence as Larger Companies...


·         Our Web Solutions give You complete results for your marketing efforts with in-depth Traffic and Submission Statistics as well as Email Marketing Systems…


·         Our Websites are fully and easily customizable by You the Customer...


·         Lets You maintain more control because it allows you to tell your story your way...


What's the Solution ?
          Now with the PaperKlipSites.com System, You have the ability to develope your very own Website with E-commerce and Domain Name ( yourbusiness.com )... The process utilizes our state of the art, simple point and click system... All it takes is a very basic knowledge of computers. If you have the ability to send and receive E-mails, then you have the ability to operate our system and build your own Website!
If needed, we have an online Help Center and we provide Tech Support through email.
Bottom Line...
          * We are offering You a Complete Do - It - Yourself Website Solution designed specifically for Small to Medium size Business needs... Anything else will take more time, more money, more knowledge and more effort... Very simply, we can put  You  " Online " Fast, Efficiently, Functionally,
and probably most important... Affordably  !!! 
Try Your New Custom Website for 15 Days...
* Absolutely FREE !!! *

( All Free Trial Runs are at the Sole Discretion of PaperKlipSites )
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Give our web site building system a try. You will be amazed at the ease of use and speed in which our system delivers a complete web site. First select a category that best fits you and/or your company, then click on the proceed button.



IMPORTANT: A valid email address is REQUIRED to provide access to your trial site.
See our Privacy Policy Link in the left margin ...