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* The Market Opportunity :  There has never been a better time than Now !

" Businesses and on-line sales from E-commerce are expected to generate revenues
to reach $1.5 Trillion by the end of 2005 ... "                                     - Goldman,Sachs & Co.

" An incredible 1.8 million new Websites will be built this year ."  
                                                   - U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Many of these will be built by new business owners who do not have a Website or others who are not satisfied with their current site ... Surprisingly enough , studies also show that less than  25% of small businesses have built a Website on the Internet ... That means that over 75% or over 20 million small businesses across the country still have No Web presence ... This is due to the fact that most average small business owners feel that they don't have the time , knowledge , experience or money to have their own Website ...

Clearly , they need a solution such as ours ... As a Reseller , You just have to let them know about it !

 * Own Your Own WebStudio ! 

Now , You have the Opportunity to start your own
Website Design and Hosting service !

* Here are a few reasons as to " Why " Selling Websites is a very Smart Business ...
  • New Growth Technology Based Business ... Websites are a Trend that's here to stay !
  • You will have the ability to expand your Internet Based Business Worldwide with No Territories !
  • Most Businesses still don't have a Good Website and Websites are now more Affordable than ever !
  • Most Businesses that Do have a Website don't have a Self -Managed System ...
  • Requires Low Overhead and Start up costs compared to most traditional Businesses and it can be a Homebased  Business !
  • Creates an ongoing Recurring Income from the Monthly Hosting Fees !
  • Allows You to create Cash upfront for Services rendered on any Setup Fees for the Do-It-Yourself Sites or especially with Custom Designed Sites ! 
  • Allows You to Live a Creative Lifestyle and be more Flexible with your Work Schedule ... Also , You can take your Business with You wherever You want to go !
  • Allows to work Part-Time or Full-Time right away ... It's up to You !
  • Allows You the chance to Work For Yourself & Be Your Own Boss !

We offer you a complete Turn-Key System ...

* Our WebStudio V5 System Set Up :

We set you up on our servers in our system .
So , all you have to do is focus on the Marketing...

* You can Sell Websites to Your Own Customers as well as many of our other products all through one new Website that serves both purposes ... ( a Real 2 for 1 Deal !  )

* You can make Cash upfront on any Setup Fees and a Recurring Income from the Hosting Fees !

You will use our " WebStudio V5 " Multi Million Dollar Website System and Online Sitebuilder !
Everything runs on our servers in Our System so that the individual Website Owners can make updates and changes to their Websites themselves anytime they want  ... Our System runs " Live " on the Internet in real time ... We build and set up your basic " WebStudio " system ... Normally , we can have you up and running within ( 3 ) days ... You will have the ability to customize your " WebStudio " and give it your own look and feel ... You will receive training and guidance provided by phone and email support from  PaperKlipSites.com.

We are currently offering  (3)  Reseller Versions...

# 1 - The PaperKlipSites Branded Reseller   ( PBR )  
# 2 - The PaperKlipSites Authorized Reseller ( PAR )  
3 -
The PaperKlipSites Authorized Dealer ( PAD ) 
Either way, we are providing you with an excellent way to start your own Website business !

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* Contact Us for More Detailed Information !